With SATIGO, I am responsible for the Cyber Security Sales Practice for EMEA. We work with both Gartner leading software vendors and Start-Ups (US, Israel, Europe) to source the best talent across their sales functions.

I have helped multiple start-ups engage “First Man on the Ground” and build great partnerships to expand their sales function. We understand the mentality and attitude of “A players” and how to scale a start-up into multiple regions with individuals required to set up the foundations for success.

When I am not at SATIGO I am either on the golf course in serious competition or playing cricket when I am not injured. I am a social and outgoing person with friends from different backgrounds.

Funny enough, I met Joel through LinkedIn and since then he helped me identify 3 people for sales positions I hired.
Following briefing session, he understood very well what I’m looking for and every CV he sent was excellent.
He knows to excite the candidate and get them engaged so in the interview we can have a very well prepared interview.
he didn’t give up even when it took longer to find a suitable candidate.

I learned that he has very wide network and people respond to him very well when he approaches them

I would strongly recommend him


Joel is a great choice for any search you may have – highly motivated, fast learner and very enthusiastic. When working with him, you will truly feel like you have a partner that understands your needs and works with you to find the best fit.

Co-Founder & CEO

I highly recommend Joel! one of the best headhunters I have worked with. Quick in understanding the deep needs and very proactive and resourceful to identify strong candidates. Joel has a great mindset and amazing can do drive !


I’ve really enjoyed working with Joel. He is a highly experienced recruiter who has great knowledge around the security market, very professional, discreet and focused. His friendliness and professional awareness allow him to find the right people for the right job.

In both roles Joel is very proactive, delivers accurate and timely information and does a great follow up. I would strongly recommend him.

Regional Director DACH

I have been expanding my team greatly during the last year, and Joel has helped me fill a high percentage of those places.

Joel most definitely has a great network, and always seems to be able to supply the most capable customer-facing engineers to help my team grow as the business grows.

Joel’s candidates are usually very compelling and of high quality, which saves me a lot of time during my searches, which enables me to hire faster with less time spent on staffing issues, and more time spent on being proactive to help the business.

Presales Director