Sales Team Productivity

Don’t ALIENATE your sales team!


As a recruitment consultant at SATIGO, I spend my days headhunting sales professionals and speaking to sales leaders. As a result I have unique insight into why successful sales professionals look to move on. Naturally everyone has different reasons for moving on but the most common seem to be micro management, unrealistic targets, lack of progression, broken promises etc.

It is rarely purely about MONEY, contrary to popular belief!

The life blood of any business is its people and a business’s growth is dictated by a sales team who are all motivated and working together to not only achieve but SMASH their targets.


So how do you ensure that your sales team are HAPPY and PRODUCTIVE? Believe it or not it’s really simple.

  • Show them the money – I know I said it’s not all about the money, but at the same time it is. Don’t cap earnings, because your competitor who doesn’t has a huge USP when your sales person speaks to them and it demotivates.
  • Show your appreciation – saying WELL DONE and recognising teams or individuals publicly makes a huge difference (by the way it’s FREE!)
  • Give them autonomy – I used to be micro managed, I hated it, I didn’t perform and I left. Give your team the autonomy to flourish and be creative.
  • Keep your promises – if you say you are going to do something DO IT and if for whatever reason you can’t, simply explain why (try to be realistic) and set a date when you will revisit the promise.
  • Play together, Stay together – Sales people are naturally social animals, monthly rewards for performing, quarterly events for just working somewhere, yearly company trips (this goes back to appreciation)… the Christmas party at the end of the year is not sufficient!!
  • Get to know your team – the more you know about your team personally, the better you are able to set them INDVIDUAL goals, were not all the same.
  • Where next… How can they progress? Where is the business going? Invest time in Personal Development Plans and explaining the business vision, ambitious people become bored when they stand still!


Keep your sales team happy and they will grow your business, it is that simple.