Leader’s Block

Do You Know Someone With “Leader’s Block?”

I’m not sure that such a diagnosis exists, but I’d like to explore it anyway!
We all know the common expression “writer’s block.” The writer knows what they want to say, but, try as they might, they can’t put it down into words. They go for a walk, have a cup of coffee, watch a film, but they still can’t get their head around how they need to craft the piece of writing. They hit a brick wall, and sometimes there is no way around it for a significant period of time.
I believe that the same can apply to leaders in terms of their behaviour.
As a successful leader, it is easy to equate your behaviour with your success. You act in a certain way, which brings a certain result. Sometimes, there is indeed a close relationship between the two, but, more often than not, there are many external factors which also being about influence success.

This phenomenon means that there is a danger of certain leaders (or actually, anyone, not just leaders) becoming set in their ways, and insistent on their way of doing things because they deeply believe that it is effective.
Then something changes. Their success may have been down to a certain trend in the market, and when that trend changes (everything changes!), their success disappears. They feel lost and confused. They are doing the same things that they always did – why weren’t they working anymore? Leadership lesson number one: always be ready to change and never assume that you are the master of your destiny. This simply isn’t the case.
Those leaders who are flexible can adapt to the circumstances, change their style and move on in the “new normal.” Those leaders who thought that they were bulletproof find it harder to change. This is what I call “Leader’s Block.”