Get shortlisted!

Get shortlisted!

A single job advert receives hundreds of CVs all deposited into a central database. In order to shortlist the best-suited candidates for the job, recruiters browse resumes in seconds, reviewing key information needed to then decide whether you are worth being shortlisted for the position in question, warranting further qualification or not.

If your CV is selected after initial review, the recruiter will obviously spend more time reading the entire resume, but the first impression is crucial to getting shortlisted.

Here are a few pointers recruiters actually pay attention to during those initial 5-7 seconds upon opening your CV

1. Your opening summary – is it clear what you do and what your USP’s are?
2. Your most recent job experience – position, responsibilities and duration (longevity in a role)
3. 2 previous roles before that – position, responsibilities and duration (longevity in a role), demonstration of progression or consistency in skills
4. Relevant education/certifications to the role in question

So, if you feel you are a perfect match for the job specifications, maximise your chances of being shortlisted!

  • Ensure all relevant information if highlighted on the first page
  • Keep the content clear, punchy and concise
  • Use bullet points and numbers to layout information to make your information stand out
  • Tailor your CV to bring out relevant experience for the role
  • Be creative! If your CV looks a bit different, recruiters will be tempted to spend more time getting to know you and your capabilities.

The ball is in your court now!